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ylang ylang essential oil

Title: ylang ylang essential oil
Description: [Skin Care] makes the hair shine and the skin smoother when used for routine maintenance or during a massage [Care of the mind and body] the use of this essential oil will cause a relaxing effect on his mind and the whole corprs. Ceratins claim that it can make people happy and soothe anger, anxiety, panic, fear and shock. [Daily use] Yilang lang oil can be appéciée in its use as perfume of essential oil at home in general and in its bathtub in particular. Place 2-3 drops under the pillow or bath and you will feel a pleasant atmosphere as well as feelings of happiness inexplicable thanks to its perfume which has a lasting smell. This mask: a real revolution. It fits effortlessly on your face and leaves you with a radiant and long lasting glow and a simply beautiful and attractive skin Its efficiency can be summed up in these few words: Hydration of the skin, attenuates wrinkles and acne. How to use it? Very simple: After cleansing the face with the parts of the eye and lips contour, rub the thin layer mask on the face, wait 15 to 20 minutes of dry mask, upward slightly widespread, use 1-3 times week Ingrédient: vitamine A en or 24K, poudre de perle, huile de pépins de raisin, collagène, eau (aqua), glycérine, alcool polyvinylique, polyacrylate de sodium, acide tartrique, huile de raisin, palmitate de retnyle (vitamine a), bht